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kosher in morocco

kosher in Morocco, food, programs and traditions

Jewish life in Morocco

Team Alloj - Article kosher in Morocco, food, programs and traditions updated on 17/06/2024

Jewish life in Morocco has a long and rich history, dating back over 2,000 years. At its height, the Jewish population in Morocco numbered around 250,000, making it one of the largest Jewish communities in the Muslim world.

Jews in Morocco were integrated into the wider society and played an important role in the country's economy and culture. They lived in close proximity to their Muslim and Christian neighbors, and Moroccan Jews spoke a unique dialect of Arabic known as Haketia, which blended elements of Hebrew, Spanish, and Arabic. Kosher in morocco

Moroccan Jews were also known for their religious and cultural traditions, which included unique customs such as the Mimouna celebration, held at the end of Passover, and the Henna ceremony, which was part of the traditional Jewish wedding.

However, in the mid-20th century, the Jewish population in Morocco began to decline, as many Jews emigrated to Israel and other countries due to political instability and economic hardship. Today, only a small Jewish community remains in Morocco, with most of its members living in the cities of Casablanca and Marrakesh.

Despite the decline in numbers, the Jewish community in Morocco continues to maintain its traditions and cultural heritage, and the country remains an important site for Jewish pilgrimage and tourism. The restored Jewish Quarter in the old city of Marrakesh is a popular destination for visitors interested in Jewish history and culture, and the annual music festival in Essaouira features traditional Jewish music alongside other styles.

Overall, the Jewish community in Morocco has played an important role in the country's history and culture, and continues to contribute to the diverse and multicultural society of modern Morocco.

List of Important Jewish Saints in Morocco

Ksar El Kbir – Rabbi Yehuda Jabali
Ouezzane – R. Amran Bendiwane
Fez – Lalla Solica Tasadika, Haim Cohen, Yhouda Ben Attar, Clock Tower of Maimonides
Sefrou – R. Moshe Elbaz and the masters of the Cave, Eliahou Harraoch, David Arazil
Rabat – Salé R. Eliezer de Avila and Raphael Encaoua, Mohammed V, Chalom Zaoui
Essaouira region (Ait Bouyoud) – Nessim Ben Nessim
Essaouira – Chaim Pinto
Demnate – David Eldrah Halevy
Marrakech region (Route de Ouarzazate) Moulay Iggy  (David Laskar)
Marrakech – Hanania Cohen
Ouarzazate region – David Ou Moshe
Taroudant – David Ben Baruk Cohen Azog
Ifrane Anti-Atlas – 50 Nesrafimes or Jewish martyrs
Casablanca – Eliahou, Sidi Belyout (Muslim)
El Jadida – Yahia Assouline
Azzemour – Abraham Moul Ness
Meknes – Haim Messas, David Boussidan, Raphael Berdugo
Tangier – Mordehai Bengio
Beni Mellal – Chlomo Amar, David Benyamine,
Sidi Rahal – Yaacob Nahamias (Moul Lma)
Tetouan – Isaac Benoualide
Safi – Ben Zmero brothers, Abraham Soultan, Youssef Dalili, Messod Mimoua, Mimoun Benouaich
Debdou – Youssef Bensimon, Jacob Cohen, Ishak Ben Moche Cohen, Mardochee Ben Moche Cohen, Moche Ben Sultan

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