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Passover in Morocco

Team Alloj - Article Passover in Morocco updated on 20/06/2024

Passover, or Pessah, is a significant holiday celebrated by the Jewish community around the world, including Morocco. In Morocco, Pessah is marked with great joy, reverence, and the observance of unique traditions and specialties. Let's explore the traditions and delicacies associated with Pessah in Morocco.

During Pessah, Moroccan Jews also partake in the symbolic Seder meal. The Seder, which means "order" in Hebrew, is a ritual feast that recounts the story of the Israelites' liberation from slavery in Egypt. The Seder plate is an essential element of the meal and typically includes items such as a lamb shank bone (representing the Passover sacrifice), bitter herbs (symbolizing the bitterness of slavery), and charoset (a mixture of fruits and nuts symbolizing the mortar used by the Israelites).

Moroccan Jewish communities have their unique customs during the Seder as well. For instance, they incorporate local customs into the Seder plate, such as adding dates, figs, and other fruits grown in Morocco. Additionally, some Moroccan Jews have the custom of passing around a tray with handcrafted clay figurines called "Matzah bakers," representing the Israelites' haste to leave Egypt without waiting for their bread to rise.


Here is a list of synagogues in Morocco :

  1. Ibn Danan Synagogue, Fez
  2. Slat Al Fassiyine Synagogue, Marrakech
  3. Beth-El Synagogue, Casablanca
  4. Neve Shalom Synagogue, Casablanca
  5. Em Habanim Synagogue, Marrakech
  6. Rabbi Pinto Synagogue, Essaouira
  7. Lazama Synagogue, Meknes
  8. Simon Attias Synagogue, Tetouan
  9. Slat Lkahal Synagogue, Rabat
  10. Chaim Pinto Synagogue, Essaouira
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