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Avner Guzman, the successful Venezuelan chef in the kosher world

Chef Avner Guzman's Biography

Team Alloj - Article Avner Guzman, the successful Venezuelan chef in the kosher world updated on 20/07/2024

Avner Guzman has always had a passion for cooking. Already small, he saw his father take care of the family restaurant. It was therefore logical that Avner Guzman wanted to do a cooking school. It was in England in 2009, when the chef was barely 18 years old that he enrolled in one of the best cooking schools in the world “Cordon Bleu”.

Direction Paris for a 9-month training where he learns the best techniques of the greatest cooks.

He who thought he would only stay a few months in Paris, he continues his training with his first experience at the kosher restaurant L'Osmoz alongside chef Yoni Saada. He will stay there for 4 years. If Avner Guzman chose from the start to work in kosher, it is because at the end of his training at Le Cordon Bleu, he was already beginning to approach religion. “Everything happened at the same time. Right at the end of my training, I felt that I was getting closer to the Jewish community, and I wanted to start practicing. I told myself that it would be easier to have a Shabbat as it should be if I worked in a kosher restaurant”, explains Avner Guzman.

Thanks to his high-level training and his experience at Osmoz, Avner Guzman is making a name for himself. Many kosher restaurants want to work with him. He then worked for emblematic kosher restaurants such as Le Kavod, La Table de Simon, Atelier Deli for a bistronomic concept, Bassar, or Maestro. Today, Avner Guzman has created a menu with Jean Michel Journo and cooks for Etnikahn in Boulogne.

Avner Guzman especially loves cooking fish. This passion led him to delve into the Norwegian technique of gravlax, a traditional pickling method that turns fish into a tasty delicacy. He has honed his mastery of this technique by applying it to a variety of fish, from sea bass to sea bream to salmon, resulting in a symphony of flavors and textures.

Chef Guzman is internationally recognized. Alongside his activity at Etnikahn, he is also a private chef for private individuals all over the world. Punta Cana, Miami, Italy, Miami, New York, Avner Guzman has already presented his cuisine in countries around the world.

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