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Restaurant Terraz Pashutaim Marrakesh

Beth-Din of Casablanca Meat

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Description Restaurant Terraz Pashutaim Marrakesh

Restaurant Restaurant Terraz Pash.

Located in the ocher city of Marrakech, the flagship tourist destination in Morocco, Le Terraz-Pashutaim is a kosher restaurant nestled in a charming 5-star riad resort Les Jardins de Sarah.


A stopover for decoration enthusiasts, each corner of the restaurant promotes Moroccan tradition and takes you on a journey through time. We welcome you in a dream atmosphere, a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


The Pashutaim offers :

  • Lunches
  • Dinners
  • Kosher half-board stays

type of cuisine

The Terraz-Pashutaim offers magnificent full shabbats.

For dinner, we offer a mezze of 12 Shabbat salads followed by a fish starter. Then come the soup, couscous, tagine, fruit and dessert. Soft drink, hallot and grape juice are also part of the menu.

Wines are optional.


For lunches, we also offer an assortment of 12 salads followed by fried fish, savory pieces, grape juice, soft drink and hallot accompany the whole meal. The main element is the traditional Moroccan Dafina. Finally, fruit and pastries round off the meal in style.

A kashrut masghuiah is present throughout the Shabbat in accordance with the excellent level of certification that the establishment has.


It is also possible to order Shabbat to take away.



The restaurant has a double kosher certification: Orthodox Union USA Glatt Lamehadrine and Beth Din Casa.


USA certification: Glatt Kosher Lamehadrine/Hashgacha Temidis/Bishul Beit Yosef Vegetable checked/ Pas Yisroel - Yoshon/ Cholov Yisroel


For more information and reservation, contact us :

Najlaa: +212 663 498 699 - Asmaa: +212 663 610 355


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