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Exploring Kosher Restaurants in Paris

Team Alloj - Article Exploring Kosher Restaurants in Paris updated on 14/06/2024

Paris, the City of Lights, is renowned for its culinary scene. However, beyond the exquisite French cuisine, the city also hosts a myriad of international culinary traditions, catering to a diversity of dietary requirements and preferences.

Among these are the kosher restaurants, offering meals prepared following strict Jewish dietary laws. Whether you're observing these laws or simply curious to taste a different culinary tradition, you can find a broad array of kosher options in Paris.

In the heart of the Marais, one of Paris's historically Jewish neighborhoods, you'll find a high concentration of kosher restaurants. This vibrant district is not only famous for its chic boutiques and art galleries but also for its rich Jewish heritage, manifested in the local food culture.

One of the popular spots in the Marais is "L'As du Fallafel," which is reputed for serving the best falafel in the city - and some might argue, in all of Europe. This kosher Middle Eastern restaurant offers a simple yet delectable menu, with its signature falafel sandwich being an absolute must-try.


Remember that kosher restaurants in Paris are subject to the same business patterns as others, so it's always wise to check opening hours before you visit, as many restaurants close on Friday evenings and Saturdays for Shabbat.  

In conclusion, Paris offers a variety of kosher dining options, from Middle Eastern street food to French haute cuisine. These establishments provide a unique opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of Jewish culinary traditions in the heart of one of the world's culinary capitals. So, whether you adhere to a kosher diet or are just eager to taste something new, Paris's kosher restaurants offer a feast for the senses.


List of kosher restaurants in PARIS :

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