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More than 5000 kosher restaurants in the world

Top 5 cities with the most kosher in the world

Team Alloj - Article More than 5000 kosher restaurants in the world updated on 14/06/2024

The exact number of kosher restaurants around the world is constantly changing due to the rapid opening and closing of these establishments. Nevertheless, the most recent data shows that there are currently between 3,500 and 5,000 kosher restaurants worldwide. Among the cities where we find the most kosher, there is New York with more than 900 kosher restaurants! AlloJ has selected the cities that offer the largest number of kosher restaurants and grocery stores.





It is obviously in Israel and more particularly in Jerusalem that it is extremely easy to find kosher restaurants since Judaism plays an essential role in the culture and daily life of the city. There are therefore more than 900 restaurants to meet the needs of the Jewish community and visitors. The Aricha Sabich is one of the most popular. Here you can eat the best Sabich sandwich of your life! It is one of the best street-food restaurants in the city and their value for money is unbeatable! But that's not all. Mistabra, Jachnun Bar‏, Red & White Wine Bar of Jerusalem and The Yemenite Falafel are among the 10 best kosher restaurants in Jerusalem.



New York's Jewish community is one of the largest and most vibrant in the world. New York is home to the largest Jewish population in the United States and is often considered the second largest Jewish community after Tel Aviv in Israel. New York is home to a large number of synagogues, Jewish schools, and nearly 900 kosher restaurants. And to eat the best burgers in New York, go to the Upside Craft. The restaurant offers delicious burgers that you can even compose yourself! Pizza Time also offers you the best halavi pizzas in town that you can find. The Say Bagel & Cheese is the ideal place to eat very good typical New York bagels and if you prefer Chinese food, the Asia Glatt Kosher is the place to be in New York !



The Jewish community in Paris is one of the oldest and largest in Europe. Paris has a long history linked to the Jewish presence dating back almost a thousand years. Jews have played a significant role in the city's history, culture and economic life. It is therefore no surprise that the French capital is in the top 3 with more than 400 restaurants located in Paris and its inner suburbs. France leads considerably against other countries on the continent with 600 kosher restaurants alone compared to 800 in all of Europe. To eat the best Israeli plate, you can of course sit at the As du Fallafel, an emblematic kosher restaurant in Paris, located in the Marais. There are other iconic restaurants like Le Kavod, located on rue Jean Mermoze, Tikoun Olam in the 12th arrondissement and The Reserve, a kosher bakery in the 16th arrondissement.



London's Jewish community is extremely diverse, made up of Sephardi, Ashkenazi, and various other backgrounds, religious traditions, and cultural affiliations. There are a variety of synagogues, Jewish schools, community centers, cultural institutions and charities and around 100 kosher restaurants. Among the best restaurants is Tony Page. Here you can eat delicious kosher burgers, grilled meats, steaks, a very tender roast chicken… in short, the must of the must! Even fish are offered and all the dishes are very nicely presented. Craving kosher Israeli food? Meet at the Hummus Bar. As its name suggests, delicious hummus is served as well as burgers, kosher meat sandwiches etc... You can also go to Parlay E18, in addition to serving very good meat dishes, the restaurant offers a wide choice of alcoholic cocktails or not! For those who prefer halavi, we haven't forgotten you. In central London, you can enjoy kosher pizza at Pizaza and even tasty milkshakes !



Montreal's Jewish community is one of the largest in Canada and plays an essential role in the cultural, social and economic life of the city. Montreal is home to a vibrant and diverse Jewish community, with a history that dates back over 250 years. The city is also known for its delicious Jewish dishes, including smoked meat, bagel and Jewish poutine, a version of the classic Quebec dish with kosher ingredients. There are about fifty kosher restaurants to discover all these dishes! Many kosher bakeries also exist in Montreal such as Boulangerie Cheskie, or Cote St. Luc Bagel Kosher. Kosher sushi restaurants are also popular such as Yakimono Sushi Bar and Chiyoko Fine Japanesse Cuising.

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