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Upcoming opening of Lamalo Food in Marseille !

A brand new kosher snack is opening its doors in Marseille !

Team Alloj - Article Upcoming opening of Lamalo Food in Marseille ! updated on 14/06/2024

Did you hear the news ?

The Lamalo Food kosher snack is coming to Marseille, and we're all super excited! This Sunday, July 30, the kosher restaurant has just opened its doors and it is on track to quickly become the landmark of kosher cuisine lovers in the city!

Imagine: authentic and delicious flavors, all kosher, of course, that will tickle your taste buds like never before. They will be offering a variety of dishes, from gourmet sandwiches to delicious shawarma, through crispy nuggets, or even burgers to die for.

But what makes Lamalo Food even more special is the friendly atmosphere they promise to create. It will be the perfect spot to meet up with friends, family, or even to meet new people over a good meal. The team is super warm and welcoming, which will make the experience even more pleasant.

Meet at 249 rue Pierre Doize - 13010 - Paris

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